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Drinkin’ And Dreamin’

Video of ‘Drinkin’ And Dreamin’ from my album ‘Wail On’. The song is recorded with ‘The Waylors’, Waylon Jennings’ band through many years. This song is about dreams and hopes most people have at some point in life, only to one day realize that most dreams and hopes will not come true… -or maybe they will? Don’t ever stop chasing your plans and dreams in life!
As Waylon once put it: ‘It’s Always Another Way Of Doin’ Things -Your Way’! You dig?

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My Norwegian video!

This is my official video from my Norwegian album ‘Arbeidsmainns Blues’. The same song is also my radio single. Any D.J. or radio/media might get it by contacting me!

For my Scandinavian friends! Dette er en norsk versjon av ‘Early Morning Rain’ -på kav møredialekt! Det er også min radiosingle fra plata ‘Arbeidsmainns Blues’! Kjøp den her:

PS! Hit the name of the song to play the video! More to find on youtube!

Hoss Curtis – official artist site!

Hello friends and fans! It’s a blessing to have you all here! My groups and sites has over 30000 friends and fans and it’s amazing!!! My songs has been played over 600000 times and counting!!! And some of you has in addition to be a fan and friend even helped out inviting friends -thank’s a […]

Nashville days! Check it out now!!

Nashville days -Amazing things might happen if just put your mind to it!


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My 66 T-bird!

My 66 Ford Thunderbird Landau -they really knew how to make cars back in those days! A lot of details and el-gear, and the engine is (of course!) a big block V8, 429 CID and has 365 HP! Share on Facebook