About the artist Hoss Curtis

Hello friends and fans

It’s a blessing to have you all here! I‘m primarly a country singer. But I add some folk, blues, rock into it also -sometimes. Been singing most of my life, more formally with a band since 2003. My main focus now is to make music and to promote it. I’ll hook up a band later and tour around. The name of the band is ‘Hoss Curtis & The Ramblin Men’ -or just Hoss Curtis. I’m more ‘old school’ musically! Or what I refer to as REAL country music. Doesn’t mean old fashion!

My greatest inspiration is Waylon Jennings, and I`m also influenced of artists like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Roger Miller and Johnny Cash to name a few. I like many artists within different genres, and thousands of songs -literally!

I will keep on working on my skills as a musician; mainly singing, writing and rehearsing on the guitar. I am also working on other projects as my own studio -also looking out for other talents and wannabis. Look me up if you live in the area or nearby. Or mail me!

I have uploaded 70 songs on my sites –among them 3 CD’s an EP and a single! My CD’s are out on most any channel, and my own store. It’s all linked up via my main store on reverbnation. I have also a radio single out in Norway, and a video of the same song out on national TV, NRK1.

Send me a mail if you have any questions about my music or studio. Play my songs on reverbnation for free or buy them cheap. You’ll find over 70 songs around to play for free online -it’s full streaming in good quality no bullshit! You can buy both CD’s and download digitally. Best deal is to buy directly -even signed, or from my reverbnation store! I’ve got many questions about gigs and band, and all I can say is that I’m now focusing on recordings! But I’ll be around later! Anything else you want to know, please ask me! Send a mail to: hosscurtis@gmail.com.

Feel free to add yourself to any of my pages on reverbnation, facebook, twitter a.o. It’s over 30000 friends and fans on my sites, and my songs has been played over 900000 times! Top ranked nationally on reverbantion, and high up globally! Great feedback from all over! I’m humble!

Hoss Curtis / Hoss GD Records
Skogveien 41
6517 Kristiansund
Mob: 0047 980 90 510

Thanks and regards,

Hoss Curtis