Nashville days! Check it out now!!

In August 2010, I went to Nashville to do something that you might say was a dream come true! But it wasn’t really a dream, because it was never in my mind before the opportunity came from ‘out of the blue’! And I’ve been around too long, and I’m too reflective to think that dreams come true all by themselves – they only might do (and still very seldom!) if you put a lot of effort into it. Anyway, to make a short story shorter -I got a proposition and an offer I couldn’t refuse! It was a recorddeal, with me as the singer, and The Waylors -Waylon Jennings former band, as the band/musicians on the project. So this ‘out-of-mind’ experience led to something real, and great! I went there, and we’ve cut a great record -had a great time doing it! Amazing things might happen if just put your mind to it -and keep the faith!

Regards, Hoss ;-)!

Check out some pics here: Nashville days photos!

I've got my Waylon t-shirt and a Fender guitar signed by the hole band!

I’ve got my Waylon t-shirt and a Fender guitar signed by the whole band!

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