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Hello friends and fans!

It’s a blessing to have you all here! My groups and sites has over 30000 friends and fans and it’s amazing!!! My songs has been played over 600000 times and counting!!! And some of you has in addition to be a fan and friend even helped out inviting friends -thank’s a million! Keep up the good work -an artist without his friends and fans is NOTHING!!

This site is all you need to get in contact with me, find out where to buy my songs and any feedback! My posting here is linked up to my other sites -but keep on using them aswell! Find me on Facebook and interact! Note! English is the main language here, but you might choose between several languages. Tip: Google translator.

Well, I released a single/EP and 2 cd’s in 2010,and a new album is out in 2012 ‘Wail On’ -and it’s recorded with ‘The Waylors’, Waylon Jennings’ band through many years. It’s all REAL countrymusic -honky tonk, outlaw and classic country!!! I’ve got great feedback on all of the songs! Check my sites for them and other songs! Also..

If you want to buy my music you’ll find it online on most any music store, and Spotify. WIMP and alike! Also buy directly from my store on reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/hosscurtisandtheramblinmen -browse my albums too, and just click them!

Thanks a lot for your support, and best regards!



Hoss Curtis



Drinkin’ And Dreamin’


My Norwegian video!


Nashville days! Check it out now!!

In August 2010, I went to Nashville to do something that you might say was a dream come true! But it wasn’t really a dream, because it was never in my mind before the opportunity came from ‘out of the blue’! And I’ve been around too long, and I’m too reflective to think that dreams come true all by themselves – they only might do (and still very seldom!) if you put a lot of effort into it. Anyway, to make a short story shorter -I got a proposition and an offer I couldn’t refuse! It was a recorddeal, with me as the singer, and The Waylors -Waylon Jennings former band, as the band/musicians on the project. So this ‘out-of-mind’ experience led to something real, and great! I went there, and we’ve cut a great record -had a great time doing it! Amazing things might happen if just put your mind to it -and keep the faith!

Regards, Hoss ;-)!

Check out some pics here: Nashville days photos!

I've got my Waylon t-shirt and a Fender guitar signed by the hole band!

I’ve got my Waylon t-shirt and a Fender guitar signed by the whole band!



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My 66 T-bird!

My 66 Ford Thunderbird Landau -they really knew how to make cars back in those days! A lot of details and el-gear, and the engine is (of course!) a big block V8, 429 CID and has 365 HP!